A "Day at the Spa" for Your Dog

The Goldwood grooming "sPAW" features premium shampoos, top of the line tools and safe, sturdy equipment. We offer professional grooming services by appointment Monday - Friday and you can be confident that our groomers will work with you to create the style you desire. Our staff is trained to provide a comfortable and relaxing experience for your pet!


The Goldwood Bath, Brush Out and Nail Trim

Our Brush Out, Bath & Nail Trim service is available Monday- Saturday as an add on to your dog’s stay or by outside appointment.  We use premium shampoos with varieties for many different skin needs including flea and tick, oatmeal, hypoallergenic, medicated, and puppy formulas. This process includes a thorough brush out, ear and eye cleaning, massaging bath, nail trimming and relaxing time in the drying room.  Feet trimming can be added by request for an additional charge.  Fresh water and potty breaks are provided throughout the day.


Professional Grooming Spa Day

If you’re looking for a breed-specific trim, clipping or specialty grooming services, this is a PAWsitively perfect choice! Your pup will have the full spa experience in the caring hands of one of our professional groomers. Following a complete skin and coat evaluation and a full brush out the day of grooming fun begins. Your dog will enjoy a relaxing bath and thorough blow dry that helps control shedding at home. With plenty of fresh water and outdoor play time, your pet will have breaks throughout the day, eliminating the stress of being on the grooming table extensively. Eye cleaning, ear cleaning, nail trimming and hand scissoring to the owner’s preference is always included in a Spa Day! Our groomers will listen carefully at your check in meeting to ensure your pup looks doggone adorable.


À La Carte Services

Furminator Treatment * $10.00 – $35.00
Nail Trim Only $20.00
Anal Gland Expression $20.00
Teeth Brushing $10.00
Full Brush Out $5.00 – $20.00
Flea and Tick Application $2.00 + cost of product
De-Skunk Bath $5.00 – $15.00

* In addition to your Professional Grooming Spa Day, please request this when scheduling your appointment.


Do you offer professional grooming?

Yes, our Professional Grooming Spa Day includes all of the comprehensive services listed above. A La Carte and Spa Packages can also be added to enhance your pet’s grooming experience.

How long does the appointment take?

Our philosophy is centered around making the appointment a positive experience for your pet, so we do not rush. We ask that our outside bathing and grooming customers drop off their pet between 9:00 – 9:15 AM and they are usually ready for pick up in the early afternoon around 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM. We are open until 6:00 PM for pick up dogs have access to fresh water and are given potty breaks throughout the day. We have found this to be easier on most pets (especially older and giant breeds). If you need to pick up your pet by a certain time, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Does my dog need to board at Goldwood Kennels to be bathed or groomed?

No. We offer both in house appointments for dogs that are boarding as well as outside appointments for pets that are not boarding. Please call or email to find an appointment day that works best for you!

What if my dog doesn’t need any trimming?

We offer appointments for all dog breeds including those that do not require trimming. The Goldwood Brush Out, Bath and Nail Trim is the perfect choice for any dog and includes all services listed above! A La Carte and Spa Packages can also be added to enhance your pet’s bathing experience.

Do you trim nails?

Yes. We include the nail trim when your dog is bathed or groomed, or you can call ahead, and then pop in during business hours and wait while we trim them (normally takes about 10 minutes). Please keep in mind that all vaccinations must be current for any pet visiting Goldwood Kennels.

What type of shampoo do you use?

We offer a number of premium shampoo options. Lambert Kay’s Fresh ‘N Clean shampoo line has standard, oatmeal, flea & tick, medicated and puppy shampoos available. We also carry The Natural Groomer hypo-allergenic shampoo for pets with sensitive skin conditions. For an additional charge, we offer SPA by Tropiclean products as well as the Furminator De-Shedding treatments.

Do you express anal glands?

Yes, we will express anal glands as part of a bathing or grooming appointment. There is an additional charge for expressing anal glands. Please request this service when booking your appointment.

Do you brush teeth?

Yes, we can certainly brush teeth as a part of the bathing or grooming appointment, or while boarding. There is an additional charge for brushing teeth.

Still have questions?

We're here to help and would love to hear from you!